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How can I trade on my Mac OS

Hugo’s Way Web Trader

Hugo’s Way subscribes to MT4 web trader. This can be used in your browser and you can connect to all your MT4 accounts just like you would on a local App. You have the same pairs that you know and love from using MT4. Try it out for yourself.

Click here

Have you another MT4 app on your Mac?

You may have tried another broker or you may be trading on multiple brokers. This is no problem for us. You can simply connect to our servers through the existing MT4 setup you have running.

You will need to connect to:

  • Live: (HugosWay-Real3)
  • Demo: (HugosWay-Demo3)

How to use MT4 on Mac OS

MT4 is not widely available on Mac OS. You need to either use a Virtual Machine or Software to run MT4. The MetaTrader website suggests using Play on Mac. If you have successfully done this then great but if not here are some other ways to trade with Hugo’s Way with MT4.

***We do not officially support Play on Mac